What is Corner Store Cinema?

I’m sure everybody’s been here before. You make a quick trip to the local convenience store for a late-night snack and notice a stack of old videos near the checkout counter.

While you might recognize a couple titles, most of these DVDs feature obscure movies that have been almost completely lost to collective memory. A lot of the time they’re bundled together in packs of four or five, since the studio that owns the rights isn’t confident that these relics can sell as a stand-alone product.

You might even be tempted to buy one out of morbid curiosity alongside your bag of Doritos and Arctic Chill Slushy. But are any of these films worth picking up in the first place?

Here at Corner Store Cinema, we aim to answer that very question.

So, please enjoy our collection of movie reviews and other assorted media that aim to discover the buried cinematic treasures that are hidden next to the frozen food section on aisle five.